Letter from Thorns Craven

In late 1969, I think, I went to a conference of legal services attorneys in
Los Angeles.  I had been in practice for less than 3-4 months, but had
already heard of CRLA and the pioneering efforts they were making in
representing poor people in California.

I went to the sessions and signed up for the workshops, and one of the
workshops was to be directed by Johnny Weiss.  I don't remember why I chose
to go to that one--perhaps I had already encountered Johnny and recognized
some one who had something to say.  In any event, when I got to the assigned
room at the assigned time, there was a note stuck on the door:

"Anyone who would rather listen to me than Gary Bellow is not worth talking

So I went to the concurrent workshop and I heard Gary for the first time.

I also had the pleasure, in 1977, of being in Boston and scoring 4 box seats
to a Red Sox game.  I called Gary, Jonathan Herr, and my cousin, Julia, and
we all met at Fenway on a day so hot that the Green Line melted and closed.
Our seats were on the third base line, and the beer hawker started his route
right beside us.  So, almost every inning, we bought another round and
watched the great Cuban pitcher, Luis Tiant, wheel his way to the victory,
allowing about 15 hits in the process.  We were stewed in our own juices by
the end of the game.  Being with Gary in that setting, away from the
relentlessness of his professional life and calling, just watching a ball
game and drinking beer, was a great day for me!

Thorns Craven


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