E-mail from Richard Michaels

Gary was my first friend in the world.  It was second grade and we were 7.  I knew even then how special he was.  He was the only person I knew who was everyone's friend.  

As we went through grade school we learned how bright he was.  But it never went to his head.  On the contrary, he was almost ashamed to be so much smarter than everyone else because he didn't want it to diminish them.  
Because he empowered people, then honored and mpowered him.

By the time we were in high school everyone knew that Gary Bellow would always be doing something very special - something that served others.  The law seemed made for him.  Many believed he would someday be on the Supreme Court or even President.  But those of us who knew him best knew that the road to those honored places would require compromises of principle that Gary 
would never be willing to make.

I've never known anyone else like Gary - so selfless, so caring for others.  We are less for his passing - but so much more for his having been.

Gary was my first friend in the world - and my best.

                                                   Richard Michaels


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