Letter from Pamela Burton

The last time I saw Gary was here at MGH.  He was making his way down the
hall toward the elevators.  I said hello, asked him how he was doing, but
couldn't help to notice that in spite of his illness, he continued to carry
papers in one arm and a brief case in the other.  I am sure the doctors told
Gary not to stress himself physically nor mentally.  Knowing Gary that
advice went in one ear and out the other.  He would have not part of being
humble.  Gary was truly a good person.  I remember his smile.  I remember,
we at the Center worried about Gary and his driving.  He was always so

I remember when Jeanne and Gary said they were going to cut down a bit on
working.  They were both work-a-holics.  "Only you Gary, would work till the

I want to thank Jeanne and Gary for having made my life better.  I learned
so much working at the Center for those 8 years.  

Gary may you rest in peace knowing you have done so much for so many lives.
I wish there were more Garys in this world.

Jeanne hang in there!

Just a quick poem.

It would be fitting to say I was sitting
Thinking of a remarkable man
And I sure have a notion, that he has left his potion
On the west coast, the east coast and midland

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