Letter from Morris Wolff

I have just now learned of Gary's passing away.  It is very hard to believe. 

He was so vibrant. None of us ever thought of death; we only thought of living vibrantly and fully.

Gary was my friend and although the same age he was my first teacher of court  room strategy way back with Addy Bowman and others at the Legal Aid office in the early days in  1963 and 1964 in Washington, DC.  We had a wonderful time training ourselves and each other in how to behave in court.  Gary always had a great sense of humor and a quick laugh--first for his own foibles and then WITH never AT someone else. He gave the word EDICATION a whole new meaning.  

He also made the other person feel they have value.  We also had great fun after work, especially on Friday afternoons when we shared a pitcher of beer and swapped "war stories" of the week.  Those sessions should have been taped for TV or posterity! Green beer on Saint Patty's day was the best one!

I have used what he taught me in 35 subsequent years of enjoyable practice.  I can see him and hear him in front of me, sleeves rolled up for work, and mind ever ready to engage.  


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