E-mail from Charles Ogletree

I lost a true friend, and mentor when Professor Gary Bellow died today. 

His career, from start to finish, was focused on public service, and his 
extraordinarily legal talents helped clients facing the loss of life, 
liberty, and property, in courtrooms throughout America. 

I was fortunate to join the D.C. Public Defender Service more than a decade after Gary had served there, with distinction. His trial successes set a high mark for those who followed in his wake, and stories continue today about some of his 
masterful trial victories. 

Gary continued that great success in the civil arena, even trying a case this past summer, after heart transplant surgery, and facing declining health.  As many of you know, he was a pioneer in clinical legal education, and wrote seminal articles on the subject while also building Harvard's large, and successful program. After I arrived at Harvard in 1986, Gary quickly showed me the ropes, and methodically turned the program over to me. He continued to play an integral part, with precise 
and timely references to historic events, and teaching students how to be 
great advocates, while continuing to carry a serious case load.

His wife, Jeanne Charn, help him build the highly respected Hale & Dorr Legal Services Center, and she continues to use her many talents as the Director of the 
Center, and is a talented and passionate teacher.  We have suffered a great 
loss in the clinical legal education family, and I have loss a dear friend. 


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