Letter from Bernardine Dohrn

 As a first year law student in 1964, I somehow heard of Gary Bellow and
the work at California Rural Legal Assistance.  To me, a Midwest gal with
no prior political activism, their work among the poor, undocumented and
organizing workers was a beacon, a marker of social justice, and a
challenge to making meaning of law school.  We summoned our courage and
invited Gary to give the opening address at a conference we planned for the
next fall on Consumer Credit Law and the Poor.  As I think on it, I can't
recall the connection between the topic and his direct work, but he said
yes and he did come.  He generously and intelligently through himself into
our planning, and provided the spark and credibility to our efforts to make
legal education relevant and vital.

Not surprisingly, he stayed the course, striving to live a life in harmony
with his values, speaking truth to power, and reflecting on even his own
received wisdom.  His absence is an unspeakable loss.

Bernardine Dohrn  

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