Gary Bellow


A Gallery of Memories

To recall the breadth of Gary's warmth and engagement, we offer this gallery of photo memories:

Page Two

Very Early Years

Early Close-Up

Viva la Huelga

Reflective Lawyer


With Helaine and Fred

David's Naming

With David and Jeanne 1989

Earl Johnson's Picture of the Center

With Earl Johnson in Front of the Center

With Jeanne at the Dedication of the 
Hale and Dorr Legal Services Center (Oct 27, 1993)

With Sisters Bonnie and Helaine
in Mid 90's

Harvard Law Bulletin 

"Official" Harvard Photo

Gary and Cheryl Burg (Rusk) at the Legal Services Center 
"Miami Vice" Prom 
"This photo was taken in 1989 when Gary and I were in DC attending our mutual close friend, Gerry Caplan's, wedding.  By this time Gary was a Harvard professor, of course, and I was an appellate judge." -- Earl Johnson.


At Cindy Monterro's Wedding -- June 1987

With Jean and Cindy

Same Celebration

Gary and Daughter Courtenay at a family wedding, September 1989

Gary with Jeanne, Douglas, Courtenay and David at a
              family wedding, August 1986

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