Gary Bellow


A Gallery of Memories

To recall the breadth of Gary's warmth and engagement, we offer this gallery of photo memories:

Page One

1936 -- One Year Old

1939 -- Four to Five -- With Mother Rose

Early Research Project with Father, Muray

1941 -- With Sister Helaine



VJ Day (1945)


The Bar Mitzvah Boy!

Close-Up on the Bar Mitzvah Boy

Birthday 1949 (14 years) With Helaine, Father and Mother

Teenage Close-Up

High School Years

Family Group in 1952 -- Helaine, Father, Gary, Mother and Bonnie

Gary, Grandma Manya (Paternal Grandmother), 
Bonnie and Helaine at Helaine's Sweet Sixteen party.

High School Graduation

With mother Rose while at Yale

In Mid Twenties

In Harlem-based Army Unit
"This photo was taken in 1962 when Gary was a public defender in D.C. and I was a Trial Attorney with the Organized Crime Section of the Justice Department, assigned to the OCR field office in Miami.  The photo was taken in December, 1962 in Miami." -- Earl Johnson

"Got it at last . . "

Gary and Bonnie at Grossinger's Resort in 1963

Even as time goes by, I never stop thinking of Gary.  
At Lawrence High School there were four guys who everyone knew were completely inseparable.  You rarely saw one without the other three.  They excelled at athletics, academics, social popularity and ultimately at their careers.

This photo was taken at the Junior Prom in 1952.  

L to R:  Barry Segal, extremely successful businessman; Mickey Sidel, member of the New York Stock Exchange; Richard Michaels (was Richie Kleinman), film and television director; and Gary.


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